How To Launch A SaaS Startup Without VC Funding

Launching a startup is a very laborious and difficult task that is beyond the imagination of aspiring entrepreneurs. Yet, there are ample resources that can help you build your business, and launch it into the market. But one thing that remains the nerve center of launching the business is the funds and capital investments. 

While many entrepreneurs show up to the venture capitalist as a solution to raise funds for their company. But there exist numerous reasons as to why one should avoid accepting VC investments.

It’s a Give and Take Relationship

Accepting venture capital simply means that you have given up something and that something is the control of your business. VC provides funds to your company in exchange for equity shares and therefore holds control of the operations of your company. So, you are no more the sole owner of your company now.

They are questing after the exit

Venture capitalists usually exit at the maturity stage of the company i.e. when the company releases its IPO. they ultimately cash out their investment during their exit. 

Now just think how it would implant your team. You would probably be able to attract fewer professionals for your team if they come to know that eventually the company will be sold to the investors over the period of time.

It’s a tedious task to acquire venture capital

Convincing the investors is like a thin sheet of ice. Have the correct pitch and show the proper traction, or else it will break. 

Obviously, these investors have their own agenda which needs to be matched with yours for a win-win situation. 

But now the question arises, how can you launch your SaaS business startup without VC funding?

Here are some of the ways you can do it.

  • Go for bootstrapping i.e. invest all by yourself. But this is only possible if your startup idea is not on a large scale.
  • Ask from friends and family, which is, of course, the safest idea as you are not likely to pay back with a good amount of interest. 
  • Government schemes and bank loans have proven to be the most accountable and authentic ways to raise funds for your business idea, but then these banks have certain criteria that you need to fulfill.
  • Angel investors, accelerators, incubators are also some of the ways to raise funds for your SaaS startup business, but even they sometimes hold some of the equity shares in your company.
  • Startup studio, the last but the most profitable idea, wherein the team of professionals helps you to launch your business and manage all the operational activities, and even raise funds for your company.

Sky21 is one such startup studio, which we will discuss in the next section of the blog.

Sky21- The Promising Startup Studio To Help You Launch A SaaS Startup

As a startup studio, Sky21 aims at building your SaaS startup and nurturing it. It majorly focuses on the initial growth and development of the startup to help the startup hit the targets. 

Not only the human resources, but Sky21 even provides skills and monetary resources to the entrepreneurs to bring the plan into reality.  The team of the startup studio encourages the young entrepreneurs to foster growth. 

It cultivates your idea at the initial stage and provides funds for it. With an extensive network of engineers, product managers, business analysts, and marketers, Sky21 helps you to revamp your startup business idea. 

It even validates your business idea by creating MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) and then does their Proof of Concepts. 

There are certain reasons why Sky21 can be the perfect choice for investors. These reasons include

  • The pool of resources such as human, capital, tools, equipment.
  • The trusted team of experts and professionals
  • Provides backend support from designing, developing legal support, performing all the operational activities for the company, and much more. 


In general, when thinking of launching a SaaS startup without VC funding, entrepreneurs can look for various options mentioned above. But the most advisable one is to get in touch with a startup studio such as Sky21. It will foster growth for your business idea by adding life and resources to it. 

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