We Catalyze Your Startup Idea And Nurture It

With the network of business analysts, product managers, engineers, marketers and angel investors, we help you revolutionize your startup idea and prepare it for seed stage funding.
The main aim of Sky 21 is to invest in startups at idea stage and do their POCs with a startup studio model. Our goal is to discover ideas that can revolutionize an industry, sector, state or even a whole country.

Plan Your Business

We help you turn your intelligent and creative ideas into productive and progressive products without even expecting you to quit your full time jobs.

Launch Your Business

With our team of experts from various industries, we help you launch your startup at idea stage to do its PoC and take it from idea stage to seed stage.

Manage Your Business

Starting from the onset of the investment, we oversee your startup idea with our day-to-day operations. We launch MVPs in quick succession and monitor their traction.

What we do

Our Proactive Goals & Mission

Our vision is to encourage innovative and constructive ideas and empower entrepreneurs with all our skills and resources to target their goals and objectives. With our iterative approach of learn, build and measure, we tend to work with parallel business ideas and act as a launch-pad to test all of those ideas.
As a Startup studio, Sky 21 accelerate your ideas and aspirations with perseverance. Our aim is to add value to your disruptive ideas with a decent capital, undenying and persisten words of commitment, and pool of exquisite and distinctive talent. We believe that every business idea should be given a window of opportunity to enter into the space of startup success.
We reckon on the words of Steven Jeffes, a marketing expert that, “Innovation is the unrelenting drive to break the status quo and develop anew where few have dared to go.“ With this thought and iterative approach towards different ideas we try to put all our best efforts to customize new and breakthrough strategies for your startup idea.

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We try to swim the stream with 3 I's.
Intelligent Ideas
startup studio
We invest at idea stage and hence do not ask for any business plans and invest in single founders
startup studio
We place reliance on the trail of C's

Lets Transform Your Ideas Into Great Products

startup studio

We capitalize on your idea and plough money into it at the idea stage.

how to start a studio

We invest in your ideas and add vision and value to it.

startup studio

We have cultured the skill of unifying all the operational activities together to reshape the industry.

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We adopt innovative and out-of-the box approaches to revolutionize your proposed startup idea.


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